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BMW Individual Crafts Sterling Edition 760Li with Robbe & Berking

BMW Individual Crafts Sterling Edition 760Li with Robbe & Berking

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Silver may be one of the most popular colors for cars these days, with most automakers offering several shades, but few of them are actually made with real silver. That's where the latest product from BMW Individual Manufaktur stands apart. The Bavarian automaker's personalization department has teamed up with German silversmiths Robbe & Berking to produce the 760Li Sterling Edition. The exclusive limousine starts out as BMW's flagship sedan, the long-wheelbase 7 Series with the twin-turbocharged V12 engine, and upgrades with some choice touches.

BMW had Robbe & Berking craft all the brightwork, that would usually be done up in chrome, remade in sterling silver. That includes BMW's trademark twin-kidney front grille, the rounded emblem and the nameplate on the trunklid. But they didn't stop there. The silversmiths also replaced the interior trim panels with hand-crafted silver with an artisan hammered finish. The silver details contrast beautifully with the dark grey exterior paint and white-piped brown leather upholstery.

"BMW and Robbe & Berking share far more than a passion for elegant, classic yachts — we apply the same standards to our products: in addition to pure technical utility, pleasing the customer is a foreground consideration," said Oliver Berking, the fifth-generation owner and CEO of Robbe & Berking. "At the same time, our products embody the ethos of the manufactory — a striving towards perfect craftsmanship and timeless elegance coupled with keen attention to the smallest detail. The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by Robbe & Berking is a wonderful illustration of this."

This is only the latest collaboration undertaken by BMW Individual, following similar partnerships with the likes of Girard Perregaux, Steinway and Karl Lagerfeld. It also only scratches the surface of what the customization department can do. When it comes to special orders, the sky is the limit.

"On my first visit to Robbe & Berking,” said BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk, “I was particularly impressed by the high degree of tradition-led handcraftsmanship and the rigorous pursuit of optimal solutions. That passion is also the hallmark of our shared product."

Watch the video: BMW Individual Manufaktur 760Li Sterling Robbe u0026 Berking Edition 2014 Aut8 V12 Biturbo 536 cv (June 2022).


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