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Noble Pig Sandwiches in Austin

Noble Pig Sandwiches in Austin

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The humble sandwich. It's a simple thing really, just a couple of slices of bread enclosing any number of potential ingredients — peanut butter and jelly, meats, and cheese just to name a few. As simple a thing as it is to make, preparing the "perfect" sandwich is also very elusive, as is finding the best sandwich shop.

In the L.A. area one of the best places in my humble opinion was Gene's Grinders, essentially a sub shop that twenty years later still haunts my dreams along with La Tolteca and In-N-Out. But fear not you Austinites in the oft ignored northwest corner of town, for we now have a sandwich shop which stands tall among the tallest — The Noble Pig.

When people think of the northwest Austin/Cedar Park area, most think of single family homes, and Lake Line Mall, and not much else. The truth though is that some great restaurants have been setting up shop in this area. They may not have the trendy appeal of South Congress, or 6th Street but what they do have is food on par with any you'll find in Austin.

One such place is the relatively new shop, The Noble Pig. Situated just north of Lakeline Mall in a small strip center next to a gas station, they put out some of the best sandwiches you are likely to find anywhere in town. Eschewing the usual cold cut fare of the many sub shops in the area, the good folks at The Noble Pig serve their sandwiches on slices of bread that they bake fresh daily. In fact the majority of what they serve is made in house.

We tried two sandwiches and I came back the next day for breakfast. The first sandwich was the one that really grabbed our attention, the Duck Pastrami. Seriously, all they had to do was put a duck-based item on the menu and they would have had me, but they went the extra step and turned it into pastrami! Bless them. A generous portion of duck with Russian dressing on your choice of bread. This is an excellent sandwich, and I intend to get one for myself the next time I go back. We also got the eponymous Noble Pig: pulled pork, spicy ham, bacon, and provolone. This one is a great introduction to The Noble Pig. Each sandwich comes served with house made pickles, which are also available for purchase by the jar.

Noble Sandwich [CLOSED]

  • [CLOSED]
  • #3 ( Top 5 Restaurants-Best Sandwiches )
  • opened in 2010
  • serve breakfast & lunch only
  • disco ball in kitchen
  • "everything you guys do. the time you take, the energy, the attitude, the dedication. tying it all together and making outstanding artisan sandwiches--that's what Triple-D's all about"-Guy Fieri
  • Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - "Serious Sandwiches"
    • Knuckle Sandwich - sliced roast beef re-heated in oven w/ carmelized onions, cheddar cheese & au jus, served on homemade bread dipped in au jus & a spread of "knuckle sauce" (horseradish-based) looks good!
    • Smoked Duck Pastrami - a top seller duck smoked for 6 hrs shredded & served w/ Russian dressing & rye pickles all on homemade wheat or white bread looks good
    • The Noble Pig - spicy ham, pulled pork, provolone & bacon served on homemade bread w/ housemade mustard & mayo looks good
    • Knuckle Sandwich

    Lunch in Austin: Noble Pig Sandwiches

    I’ve written before about the goodness that is breakfast at Noble Pig Sandwiches, but I’ve been remiss in sharing just how tasty their lunch is too. While sandwiches are a go-to lunch food for many of us, most are certainly not worth getting all worked up about. Noble Pig will free you from the sandwich doldrums and make you rethink what you believe a sandwich can aspire to be. House-made meats on house-made breads with house-made pickles and crunchy chips take a sandwich to an entirely new level.

    Restaurant style: AMAZING sandwiches in a seedy strip mall – don’t let the iffy wrapping paper keep you from experiencing the awesomeness inside the package dine-in or carry-out

    Location: Way North Austin on Highway 620, near El Salido Parkway, not too far from 183

    Good for: The cure for the common sandwich seating area is small so big groups might run into issues at the height of the lunch rush if you really want your co-workers to love you get takeout sandwiches for all

    Parking: Usually available although it’s a bit touch-and-go during the busy lunch hour

    Special diets: Any sandwich can be made on Udi’s gluten free bread or as a lettuce wrap so bring your gluten free friends along vegetarians will enjoy the three cheese and cauliflower sandwich but there aren’t many options for vegans

    Price: Expect to spend $8 – $10 a 1/2 sandwich with chips is $6 and a great, filling deal

    Menus and details

    The concept behind Noble Pig is very simple: take quality ingredients, cook them with rich flavors, and turn them into tasty sandwiches. While you can absolutely can (and should) enjoy combinations like smoked duck pastrami on rye and seared beef tongue on fluffy white or wheat, you won’t find cold cuts and sliced cheese on this menu.

    Each Noble Pig sandwich starts with familiar flavors and then puts a new twist on them. Take for instance the house specialty, the sandwich after which the restaurant is named (or is the sandwich named after the restaurant): The Noble Pig. This bad boy is nothing short of a pigpalooza, piled high with pulled pork, spicy ham, bacon, and a bit of melted provolone cheese to bring it all together.

    The Thai Chicken isn’t your mom’s chicken salad. Big chunks of tender chicken are tossed with Asian spices and topped with a crunchy jalapeno cabbage slaw.

    And when you’ve eaten your way through all eleven sandwiches on the menu — enjoying catfish, pork belly, roast beef, and even a three cheese and cauliflower blend along the way — you can sample their daily sandwich special which recently featured braised pork and big slices of tomato. They also have daily soup specials like the beef stew that was a perfect companion for the braised pork sandwich.

    To be sure you leave completely satisfied, the folks at the pig always have a collection of one-bite tarts on hand, some featuring bacon (in case you didn’t get enough pig at the pig), and others a more fruity flavor profile. Pop one in your mouth as you walk out the door for the perfect ending to your sandwich adventure.

    It’s true that Noble Pig is a big of drive for those of us who don’t live or work up north, but I’ll guarantee you it’s worth the drive. I’ve been known to work from home just so I can feed my Noble Pig sandwich cravings. And of course you can always visit them on a weekend. For an extra-special — noble even — experience, visit them around 10:30 for a late breakfast then order a sandwich to go for a late lunch. Just be sure to plan a nap and possibly a round of exercise in between.

    Bread Winners: Best Sandwiches in Austin

    Welcome to Austin, a city crammed with sights, sounds. and sandwiches.

    Related To:

    The Woodland: Whip In

    Whip In&rsquos owners have created a true Austin original, bringing together a convenience store, brewpub and Indian fusion restaurant and tucking them all neatly under one roof &mdash then tacking on outdoor seating, to boot. The pints and live music performances may get customers in the door, but the food keeps them coming back again and again. Skip the entrees and go straight for the sandwiches, especially the Woodland, a subcontinental take on pulled pork featuring humane slow-braised meat from Richardson Farms plus mango chutney, feta and slaw.

    La Frito Loco: La Barbecue

    Barbecue sandwiches are typically more barbecue than sandwich &mdash so if you want to settle for smoked meat between bread, any number of the city&rsquos great 'cue joints will do. But if it&rsquos a beyond-basic sandwich that you&rsquore after, La Barbecue pulls out all the stops with La Frito Loco. Essentially a Frito pie on a bun, this sandwich comes stuffed with two of La Barbecue&rsquos oak-smoked meats (pulled pork and chopped beef), along with a show-stealing chipotle slaw, black bean salad and a handful of Fritos. It&rsquos perhaps the only sandwich in town worth an hour-long wait.

    Grilled Cheese: 24 Diner

    The measure of a great grilled cheese isn&rsquot just the landslide of melted dairy. 24 Diner&rsquos mix of cheddar and fontina on sourdough bread (which is baked at their sister restaurant Easy Tiger) may not be as gooey as some other grilled sandwiches in town &mdash but what it lacks in melted mass, it makes up for in a perfect pairing of sharp and salty cheeses. Add a burst of char from the roasted tomatoes, plus the optional bacon and fried egg, and you&rsquoll forget you&rsquove ever tasted a processed cheese slice.

    The Boss Hogg: Capitol Sandwich

    When the short-lived Republic of Sandwich closed, Rosedale's lunch options took a bit hit. Thankfully it reopened as Capitol Sandwich in a trailer just around the corner from the original spot. The new place has patio seating &mdash and a menu that puts most of the city's other sub shops to shame. A standout option is the Boss Hogg, a massive Italian sandwich loaded with ham, salami, arugula, charred onion, tomato, cherry peppers and provolone. This tasty beast is best consumed alongside a side of kimchi Brussels sprouts.

    Pastrami: Dai Due

    Austin may be short on traditional Jewish delis, but the city still gets down with whole-hog cooking. Take a step inside Dai Due and you&rsquoll know just what we mean. Lauded as one of the most forward-thinking restaurants in the country, this spot is a sleeper pick for an indulgent lunch. The pastrami is as rich as it gets, tasting more like an entree than just a mere cold cut. Add locally produced cheddar cheese, savory sauerkraut and Beet 1000 Island dressing to the house-baked sprouted rye bread and you have a sandwich that&rsquos sure to impress even the most skeptical New Yorker.

    Vegetarian: Little Deli

    Little Deli ties with Avenue B Grocery for the most adorable sandwich shop in Austin, but wins best in class for vegetarian deli fare. The Crestview neighborhood institution harks back long before cranes, gentrification or even the tech boom. The owners added a pizza oven in 2009, but the sandwiches are still the move, particularly for the veggie-centric crowd. Built on a kaiser roll slicked with olive tapenade, Little Deli&rsquos vegetarian sandwich comes stacked with eggplant and artichoke, plus three kinds of cheese and avocado &mdash proving you don&rsquot need meat to satisfy.

    The Italian: Home Slice Pizza

    Although it&rsquos almost criminal to visit Home Slice without ordering pizza, the joint makes a massive Italian that&rsquos as satisfying as any pie. Granted, it may take a week off one&rsquos lifespan, but there&rsquos no denying that the quartet of cured meats combined with provolone cheese, a slathering of mayo and the requisite lettuce, tomato and onion is the stuff of deli dreams. Given Home Slice&rsquos obsessive approach to crust, the bread receives as much attention as the fillings, with a crisp exterior to contain the party but doughy insides to soak up all that mayo. When it comes time to order, here&rsquos something to consider &mdash the six-inch option is big enough to break any diet, but the leftover half of the foot-long gets even better after a day in the fridge.

    Roasted Turkey: Texas French Bread

    University of Texas students know a good sandwich when they see one. For a quick bite between lectures, Fricano&rsquos is a solid freshman choice (especially the pastrami). But with age comes wisdom &mdash just ask the upperclassmen. They&rsquove learned that the best sandwiches within a hike from campus are served at that classic Austin institution: Texas French Bread. This bakery has been turning out some of the city&rsquos best loaves since 1981, and has grown with the times to incorporate local produce and proteins. You can&rsquot go wrong with anything on the menu, but the roasted turkey on wheat sourdough showcases what makes this place such a gem: traditional flavors on bread that you&rsquoll want to take home. Thankfully, you can.

    Prosciutto and Mozzarella Tartine: Blue Dahlia Bistro

    With the wealth of shiny new restaurants glimmering on the East Side, it&rsquos easy to forget about the humble European bistro that&rsquos anchored the East End District since 2007. But don&rsquot sleep on the Blue Dahlia &mdash a tartine eaten on the casual patio can&rsquot be beat for a breezy lunch. This menu mainstay serves as an ideal lighter sandwich that doesn&rsquot skimp on bold flavors. The prosciutto and mozzarella option, with its light swipe of pesto and burst of sun-dried tomatoes, makes for a refreshing Mediterranean lunch that still satisfies Texan tastes.

    Popcorn Tofu: Wheatsville Food Co-op

    Vegetarians in the UT campus area seem to subsist solely on Wheatsville&rsquos legendary fried popcorn tofu. Even soy haters can&rsquot front this breaded meat substitute is as filling as most chicken nuggets. Add a freshly baked ciabatta roll with the works to the equation and one of Austin&rsquos most unique snacks is suddenly transformed into a hearty (and healthy) meal. Another plus? This sandwich provides the perfect excuse to go grocery shopping, seeing as it&rsquos sold at one of the city&rsquos most beloved co-ops.

    The Lucy: Austin Daily Press

    After an appearance on The Great Food Truck Race, Austin Daily Press graduated from trailer to brick-and-mortar status &mdash and its menu got an upgrade to match. Headlining the expanded selection is the Lucy, which has fast become one of East Austin&rsquos most popular lunch options. Brimming with lemongrass braised pork, the sandwich is surprisingly balanced for a fusion dish, with doses of spice (sriracha), cream (aioli) and sour (hot and sweet pickles) in equal measure. Pro tip: Bring a friend to share an order of the fluffy jalapeño hush puppies.

    Banh Mi: Tam Deli

    Burnet Road is the banh mi hub of Austin, with a half dozen choices for cheap Vietnamese sandwiches straddling the street. The options in the Chinatown Center are great, but the overwhelming local favorite is a few blocks away in a nondescript strip mall that&rsquos easy to miss. It&rsquos worth taking the time to seek out, though, as Tam Deli&rsquos banh mi hits all the right supporting notes: a crisp exterior crunch to the baguette, fresh carrot shreds and spicy bites of jalapeno. But what sets Tam Deli apart from the rest is its fried shrimp. This memorable substitution replaces the traditional pork slices and pate with a crunchy burst of garlic that will linger with you for the rest of the day.

    Chilanga Torta: Mi Tradicion

    Austin&rsquos identity as a taco town means tortas rarely receive enough love, but a great Mexican sandwich is just as deserving of stomach space. Authentic Mexican bakery Mi Tradicion (with locations both north and south) serves one of the city&rsquos very best on a wide bolillo that can barely contain a trio of breaded steak, chorizo and ham. Score it at either of the bakery&rsquos locales &mdash just be sure to save room for a fresh pastry, too.

    Beef Tongue: Noble Sandwich Co.

    When the guys behind Noble Sandwich Co. opened their shop (then called Noble Pig Sandwiches) on Ranch Road 620 in 2010, it was as far north as most Central Austin foodies had ever ventured. Since then, the area has filled in with outposts from local franchises like Torchy&rsquos Tacos and Verts, but Noble remains a favorite (given the shop&rsquos popularity, the owners have opened a second location off Burnet Road). There are no bad moves on the menu, but the sandwich that put the shop on the map is the seared beef tongue. A flip on the Mexican lengua often found at taco trailers, the sandwich is topped with smoked green onions and red pepper relish, which only serve to amplify the inherent funk of the offal-y delicious protein.

    Muffaletta: Mr. Mc’s (Temporarily Closed)

    Despite its proximity to New Orleans, Austin had long been lacking in NOLA&rsquos signature sandwich. That is, until the folks behind Launderette took over the neighboring convenience store: Mr. Mc&rsquos. They left the name unchanged, but gave the shop&rsquos offerings a bit of an overhaul by adding a short menu of Louisiana-influenced eats. And the star of the menu is &mdash you guessed it &mdash the muffaletta. Slices of mortadella, ham and hard salami are piled along with provolone and mozzarella cheeses on authentic Big Easy bread (yes, it&rsquos imported straight from New Orleans), then finished with a generous layer of homemade olive tapenade. This meaty muffaletta also boasts the distinction of being the only sandwich in town that&rsquos filling enough to be sold in quarters instead of halves.

    Noble Sandwiches

    Food doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to cause your heart to race or your first instincts to moan and wine over how life changing a dish just made you feel from one bite. Frankly, you may not believe me, but my favorites are the most simple things that make you think it took the chef one second to whip it up and without even much thought but creating a magical goodness with his hands. That’s how I feel about sandwiches.Two pieces of bread, usually buttered up on both sides (which I would rather avoid but you can just convince yourself it’s not that much) with some tenderly smoked turkey, chicken or brisket inside that has some vegetables or vinaigrette to add even more flavor than the already perfectly prepared meat. Noble Pig Sandwiches in Austin has a blackboard full of simple yet interesting combinations you don’t see anywhere else. There is really no need to keep putting club sandwiches on menus, enough of that double stacked bread. The newest location is on Burnet and a hot spot for lunch. The picnic tables inside are color blocked with blue squares and large enough to fit a few different parties at each during lunch time. You order in line, give your name, snag a seat and wait until your tray of happiness is delivered which is around 5 minutes.

    I might have jumped the gun and started out with their black and white cookie. Don’t worry, it’s not the typical New York vanilla/chocolate iced cake like cookie. This is a dense chocolate base that is a combination between cake and a brownie with powdered sugar sprinkled atop. It’s damn good and small enough not to push you over the edge. The Brisket Sandwich hit it out of the park. Tender meat placed between two buttery slices of Texas toast sized bread with a mixture of slaw and vinaigrette. You’ll wreck this sandwich before you can even look up and see what your dining companion ordered. It’s only similar to BBQ because of the tender meat but without the BBQ sauce and sides it’s a whole new ball game. I loved the cucumbers in the Turkey Chop, but I do think the turkey could have been a little more flavorful on its own. All sandwiches are served with a cute pile of seasoned potato chips and pickle wedges. They also have amazing Mexican Diet Cola.

    It feels awesome to walk into Noble Sandwiches knowing you’re going to love whatever sandwich they set down in front of you because the tender and care they put into the recipes and combinations is apparent and addicting. It’s also only $9 for a sandwich and a cookie. I could eat here every day and happily try a new sandwich and be on my way. It reminded me of the movie Chef with Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, ScarJho, and Dustin Hoffman because it seems like no matter what tacos or in this case sandwiches they churn out, you’re going to love it. It’s the simple things in life. #EasilyPleased.

    Easy Tiger

    I couldn’t do a sandwich round up without including the ultimate bake shop in Austin that supplies the best bread to all the restaurants. Everything at Easy Tiger is really good, but I was surprised by how amazing their turkey sandwich is!

    What To Order: The easy lunch is only $9 Monday through Friday – half turkey sandwich with potato salad, and drip coffee.

    Reinventing Sandwich Spreads

    No. 7 Sub’s grilled-asparagus sandwich recipe includes a smoky French dressing.© Johnny Valiant


    Chef Bryan Voltaggio tops his pressed lamb sandwich with a honey-spiked aioli and eggplant relish at Lunchbox in Frederick, MD.


    At Red Star Deli in Denver, F&W Best New Chef 1999 James Mazzio garnishes his cubano with a super-sour orange vinaigrette.

    French Dressing

    Tyler Kord of NYC’s No. 7 Sub puts his spin on traditional sauces: Smoky flavors infuse the French dressing on the grilled-asparagus sandwich.

    Chile Sauce

    Jose Garces uses harissa mascarpone to flavor his chickpea-fritter-and-squash sandwich at Philadelphia’s Garces Trading Co.

    17 Best Sandwiches Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

    Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is a one-of-a-kind show that features outrageous and tasty dishes from around the country, including pasta, pizza, barbecue, and more. But let’s face it — sandwiches are the best food for the summer. Easy to make, and easy to eat.

    Let’s dig into the best, most delicious sandwiches from the show.

    1. Beer Belly — Los Angeles, CA

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Duck French Dip

    2. Blunch Kitchen — Boston, MA

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: The Wilbur BLT

    3. Fat Choy — Las Vegas, NV

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Pork Belly Bao

    4. Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen — San Francisco, CA

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Arepa Pabellon

    5. Mahony’s Po-Boy Shop — New Orleans, LA

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: The Peacemaker

    6. Noble Pig Sandwiches — Austin, TX

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: The Knuckle Sandwich

    7. Restaurant 415 — Fort Collins, CO

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Brie Sandwich

    8. St. Francis — Phoenix, AZ

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Pig Dip Sandwich

    9. Bunk Sandwiches — Portland, OR

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Pork Belly Cubano

    10. Savarino’s Cucina — Nashville, TN

    Photo courtesy of

    11. Sammy’s Bistro — Park City, UT

    Photo courtesy of

    Average plate: $11
    Dish to try: NY Steak Sandwich

    12. Pam’s Kitchen — Seattle, WA

    Photo courtesy of

    13. Smack Shack — Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Leg of Lamb Sandwich

    14. Bub and Pop’s — Washington, DC

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Bolognese Parmesan

    15. Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies — Hollywood, FL

    Photo courtesy of

    16. Marietta Diner — Marietta, GA

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Caribbean Monte

    17. Rex Italian Foods — Norridge, IL

    Photo courtesy of

    Dish to try: Sicilian Schiacciata

    Next time you’re craving a sandwich, hit up one of these joints for delicious and mouthwatering creations.

    Sure, it’s a national chain now, but Schlotzsky’s was born on Congress Avenue right here in Austin in 1971. It built its business around The Original, which is served on a wonderfully chewy sourdough bun. The bun itself would make a great meal, but tucked inside is a delicious array of ham, two types of salami, cheddar, mozzarella, black olives, red onions, and a secret sauce (Hint: It's made with garlic).

    This Cuban sandwich comes with a hefty helping of roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles. It’s all smash-grilled together and enveloped in thick, Cuban bread. Get an order of mofongo—made with green plantains deep fried in garlic, onions, and olive oil—to make your visit to the islands complete.

    Where to Grab The Best Sandwiches in Austin

    1. Banh Mi From Elizabeth Street Café

    Elizabeth Street Café is one of the best restaurants in Austin. The boulangerie blends French and Vietnamese flavors into a unique dining experience that is consistently ranked as one of the best in town. The traditional banh mi sandwiches are out of this world. We particularly like the House Specialty with chicken liver and pork pate on a house-baked baguette, but you can also try other varieties with fried eggs, avocado, spicy meatballs, fried chicken, and crispy short-ribs. Don&rsquot miss their breakfast menu either and stop in for one of the tastiest brunch menus in Austin

    2. Anything From Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co

    The AGBG is a popular Austin pizzeria featuring a large beer menu as well as Italian-inspired sandwiches and subs. We love the Reuben featuring a choice of corned beef, turkey, or veggies with Swiss cheese, house-made sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on rye bread with a side of potato salad. For something a little sweeter, try the Prosciutto + Brie + Strawberries that comes on a baguette. They also have a fantastic shrimp or crab po&rsquoboy and a traditional Italian sub with mozzarella, sopressa salami, and capicola.

    3. The Gypsy Grove From FoodHeads

    This cozy restaurant represents everything Austin is about: friendly and welcoming with a touch of the eclectic and weird. The café lunch menu is full of specialty and classic sandwich options, but our favorite is the Gypsy Grove Sandwich. This ciabatta sandwich is filled with grilled pork tenderloin, ham, Swiss cheese, jalapeno relish, a fried egg, and Tabasco slaw.

    4. Roast Beef Sandwich From Salt & Time

    Arguably one of the best BBQ spots in Austin, this butcher shop and salumeria offers high-quality meats that are the focus of their tasty sandwiches. Our favorite, the roast beef sandwich, features roast beef, anchove aioli, pickled red onion, peperonata, and lettuce.

    5. The GOATfather From Chivata Goat Cheese Lovers

    Like the name indicates, this food truck specializes in sandwiches featuring goat cheese. While the menu features goat cheese salads and starters such as empanadas and truffles, the real menu all-star is a sandwich called The GOATfather. The sandwich is a ciabatta bun stuffed with arugula, tomatoes, and basil pesto goat cheese. It sounds like a minimal sandwich, but trust us the flavors don&rsquot need any other ingredients to knock your socks off.

    6. Caul Me From Austin Daily Press
    1900 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd | 4620 E. Cesar Chavez St Bldg 1

    This little deli operation serves up tortas, tacos, and tapas every day of the week. They keep things casual and comfortable, focusing on using the best ingredients to make amazing sandwiches. We love their vegetarian sandwich known as the Caul Me featuring cauliflower chorizo, grilled carrots, pickled onion, goat cheese yogurt, queso fresco, and red cabbage salad.

    7. The Tipsy Texan From Franklin Barbecue

    Franklin Barbecue helped put the Austin culinary scene on the map when its pitmaster became the recipient of the James Beard award. In addition to incredible brisket, sausage, and barbecued meats, this restaurant also serves one of the best sandwiches in town. Known as the Tipsy Texan, it comes piled with juicy brisket, sausage, coleslaw, and pickles.

    8. Noble Pig From Noble Sandwich Co
    Formerly on 4805 Burnet Rd &ndash currently serving out of the food truck until a new location is secured

    Sandwiches at this deli are made using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. The Noble Pig features ham, pulled pork, and bacon with provolone cheese, spicy mustard, and mayo. Many of the sandwiches are also available on gluten-free bread.

    9. French Dip From NeWorlDeli

    Serving sandwiches, salads, and soups since 1997, this deli also offers beer and wine to pair with your next meal. The classic French Dip sandwich features roast beef that is slow-roasted in-house, melted provolone and au jus sauce.

    10. Italian Cub From Fricano&rsquos Deli and Catering

    Located near North Campus and Hyde neighborhoods, this deli has a reputation for fresh, high-quality ingredients and friendly service that keeps customers coming back for more. The Italian Club is a pastrami sandwich packed with Genoa salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, black olives, and Italian dressing sandwiched between a sourdough loaf.

    11. Turkey Jalapeno Melt From G&rsquos Dynamite Deli

    This sandwich shop is located on the south side of Austin and serves up everything from sandwiches and paninis to sides such as soup and salad. You can build your own sandwich by selecting items from a large menu or opt for one of the specialty sandwiches like our favorite: the Turkey Jalapeno Melt. This sandwich features turkey, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto, and spicy ranch dressing all on jalapeno cheddar bread.

    12. Cubano From Tropicana

    Tropicana is a Cuban restaurant serving Latin-style main dishes as well as sandwiches and burgers. The Cubano sandwich features roasted pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and condiments. We like to dress it up with a touch of horseradish and cilantro for an added kick.

    13. Via 206 From Burro Cheese Kitchen

    This little food truck serves up artisan grilled cheese sandwiches that are gooey, warm, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. We love the Via 206 served on sourdough bread and packed with gouda, provolone, and balsamic apricot fig jam.

    14. The Jambon-Beurre Sandwich From Dai Due

    Dai Due is a top-of-the-line butcher shop in Austin. In addition to farm-fresh meats, the restaurant offers taqueria meals and fancy desserts. When t comes to their sandwiches, we love the Jambon-beurre sandwich. It comes with wild boar ham, Eagle Mountain Granbury Gold cheese, Texas butter, mixed greens, dill pickles, and white wine mustard.

    15. The Foghorn Leghorn From Gourmands

    Gourmands is a neighborhood pub offering classic fare and a long list of beers on tap. Try the Foghorn Leghorn, a chunky chicken sandwich with roasted garlic mayonnaise, Havarti cheese, and crispy avocado.

    16. The Rising Sun From Way South Philly Deli

    This East Austin deli brings the best Philadelphia comfort food to Austin with authentic hoagies, cheesesteak sandwiches, and other classics. The Rising Sun sandwich is a comfort-food dream with grilled steak, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, jalapenos, caramelized onions, tater tots, two over-medium eggs, and melted provolone cheese.

    17. Scoop On A Bagel From Biderman&rsquos Deli
    800 Brazos St #215 | 701 S. Capital of Texas Hwy #G700 | 3742 Far West Blvd #101

    This Jewish-inspired deli makes New York-style bagel sandwiches and deli offerings that would make any New York native happy. Try the Scoop On A Bagel Sandwich, which includes chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, or chopped liver on your choice of bagel.

    Watch the video: DOING ILLEGAL STUFF on CAMERA Part 2 FGTeeV Caught in 4k (June 2022).


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