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Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Courtney Robertson Reveals Why You Never See Them Eat on the Show

Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Courtney Robertson Reveals Why You Never See Them Eat on the Show

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The winner of season 16 answers one of the most burning questions in reality television

‘When you get to dinner, the food is already sitting there, but you don't eat while you're on camera.’

In an interview with six former Bachelorcontestants, Allure magazine managed to find out why it is that we never see them eat on the show, even though there seems to be food on every single date.

Courtney Robertson, who famously embraced her role as the villain on season 16 of the show, with Ben Flajnik — she won, they got engaged, and then, in standard Bachelor fashion, broke up shortly after — tells Allure that finding the right balance between eating and looking chic on camera was tricky.

“When you get to dinner, the food is already sitting there, but you don't eat while you're on camera,” Robertson shared. “Well, you could eat — they don't tell you not to — but you're trying to have a conversation so shoving food down your face is hard. And it's funny because they are your favorite meals because they know what you like.”

Alcohol, meanwhile, is in ample supply, and is frequently responsible for the on-camera antics. “Some people can get into trouble with this,” Courtney says.

But don’t worry about the girls: “When you're not filming, you're at a beautiful hotel and you wake up to a buffet of food.”

What's it really like to be on 'The Bachelor'? 10 things you may not know

While "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants' journeys to find love seem to be full of glitz and romance, there are a lot of not-so-glamorous things that happen behind-the-scenes of the show that even the most faithful fan may not be aware of.

From what it's like to live in the Bachelor Mansion, to the effect the show has had on its participants, here are 10 things you may not know about "The Bachelor."

1. Those sparkling engagement rings come with conditions.

Each season, jeweler Neil Lane shows up to help the Bachelor choose the perfect engagement ring for his fiancé. However, those sparklers don’t automatically become the property of the women who receive them. “There's some rule, after (the couple is together) a certain number of years, you get to keep it anyway,” Chris Harrison said in a 2016 interview with Us Weekly. “(If the engagement only lasts) months . it goes back." This was not always the case, however. In 2004, Estella Gardinier claimed that, after splitting with "Bachelor" Bob Guiney, she sold the promise ring he gave her for $45,000.

2. At least two children owe their existence to “The Bachelor.”

While there have been many children born to couples who met on a “Bachelor” franchise show, two kids exist today solely because of “The Bachelor.” Jason and Molly Mesnick’s 4-year-old daughter, Riley, and Sean and Catherine Lowe’s 8-month-old son, Samuel, are currently the only two children who have been born to a couple who met on “The Bachelor.”

3. You must be of legal drinking age to appear on the show.

At 36, Nick Viall was older than all of the women who competed for his heart at the start of the season. However, all of his ladies— and any woman who has appeared on “The Bachelor” — were at least 21 years old at the time of filming. In the last 10 seasons, though, there has only been one woman who appeared on the show at the age of 21: Mackenzie Deonigi, who competed on Chris Soules’ season.

4. Contestants don't make any money for appearing on “The Bachelor.”

Although there are many perks to appearing on “The Bachelor” — including reality TV fame and free trips — money is not one of them. Season 20 “Bachelor” Ben Higgins and his former fiancée, Lauren Bushnell, confirmed in a 2016 interview that contestants are not paid for appearing on the show, and that many contestants have had to quit their jobs in order to go on the show. The man starring as “The Bachelor” does get paid, however.

5. Chris Harrison has gotten along with every Bachelor … except one.

Harrison travels with the Bachelor throughout his journey, and is often the only person that a Bachelor has to discuss his relationships with. He has remained friendly with many of the former “Bachelor” stars, but earlier this year he admitted that he never really jelled with Season 7 Bachelor Charlie O’Connell. “Charlie and I, he was just East Coast, (and I am a) Southern kid, it was like oil and water,” Harrison said while co-hosting “Live with Kelly” in February. “We just didn’t get along."

6. Bachelor contestants often create their own beauty parlors out of necessity.

Girls appearing on the show are not allowed to leave the Bachelor Mansion or hotel they're staying at, which means they can't go to a salon to get their hair and nails touched up while filming. According to several former contestants, they often do one another's hair and makeup for rose ceremonies, and fill the long days of sitting around the Bachelor Mansion between dates by painting their nails and using at-home kits to dye their hair and cover their roots. In her book, "I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends," Season 16 winner Courtney Robertson wrote that the girls can request beauty products and a member of the production staff will make sure they get them.

7. The Bachelor flies in style, but his girlfriends don't.

Like most of the other "Bachelor" stars before him, Viall was flown business class to the various locations he visited during his season. The girls vying for the Bachelor's heart, however, all fly coach.

8. Rejected girls are offered psychological help.

Both Harrison and several former contestants have confirmed that a girl who is sent home by “The Bachelor” is given the opportunity to speak to a psychologist before they board a plane. "We go to great lengths to make sure these people are okay," show host Chris Harrison told People magazine in 2013. "We have a support system. We're cognizant this is an emotional thing they are feeling." Before the show, contestants are also put through a series of psychological tests to make sure they are up to handling the stress of the show.

9. The time a Bachelor spends in the water with a woman is crucial.

According to Sharleen Joynt, who appeared on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of “The Bachelor,” going into the ocean gives a Bachelor some precious alone time with a woman. “Water time is generally one of the very few times the lead and contestant ever get together (and are) able to talk without mics attached to them and without a producer chaperoning,” she wrote on her blog in 2014.

10. The Bachelor does have serious conversations with his potential fiancées.

Although viewers mostly see the Bachelor and his ladies taking part in glamorous dates (and oftentimes some serious lip-locking), there are a lot of less-exciting things that happen that just don’t make it on the air. According to Higgins, he engaged in serious conversations with several of his final girls, but those talks were not shown. “I would never have proposed to Lauren if our faith wasn’t talked about before our engagement,” he told Buzzfeed in 2016. “But yeah, those conversations are definitely had, but a lot later. (They are) not had with every woman there. They usually take place a couple weeks down the road.”

1. Food

The contestants are understandably stressed in the two months that they're looking to find love, and with all that stress comes the junk food cravings. What better way to patch a hurting heart than with some chocolate?

According to Lauren Bushnell (who had won Ben Higgins' heart), the Bachelor Mansion is fully stocked with every food imaginable. If there's something that's not there, contestants can make a request for handlers to run to the store to get it. Sure they can request things like avocados and spinach, but those fresh veggies tend to lose their appeal next to a jar of Oreos.

While on the road, the contestants are served three buffet-style meals a day. “It’s hard to pick up the salad tongs when you’ve got pulled pork sandwiches and macaroni and cheese sitting right next to it. I never chose salad. I always chose the massive brownies," Ashley Iaconetti from Chris Soule's season told WetPaint.

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The Most Memorable 'Bachelor' Franchise Moments of the Decade

Buzz about the franchise was at an all-time high 10 years ago, following Jason Mesnick's shocking breakup with his final pick, Melissa Rycroft, in favor of a relationship with his runner-up, Molly Malaney, on season 13 of The Bachelor in 2009. Sound familiar? Then, in 2010, the franchise started fresh with a dashing, seemingly squeaky-clean pilot in the lead role: Jake Pavelka. Also, sound familiar?

With topics like sex and religion in the forefront of Bachelor Nation recently, things have changed over the past decade -- or rather, they've just gone in cycles.

"I don't think things are changing like maybe some people think they are," former Bachelor Sean Lowe recently told ET, reminding us that like Colton Underwood, he was also a celibate Bachelor, and that sex was as big a deal on Ben Flajnik's 2012 season (remember his skinny dip with Courtney Robertson?) as it was for Kaitlyn Bristowe or our most recent Bachelorette, Hannah Brown.

But lest we forget (every season is "the most dramatic season in Bachelor history," right?), here are the most memorable Bachelor franchise moments of the last decade.

Bachelor: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi's Split (2010)

America watched in shock as Pavelka chose Girardi, his season villain, over the comparably sweet, Disney character-like Tenley Molzahn on his season of The Bachelor, skeptical that things would work out between the pilot and his 22-year-old fiancee.

Then, just months after his Bachelor finale, the inevitable happened: Pavelka and Girardi broke up. It was dramatic, explosive and of course, caught on camera. The pair sat down to explain what went wrong in a tense interview with Bachelor host Chris Harrison in June 2010 Girardi accused Pavelka of being a "liar" and a "fame whore," and his reaction to her claims sent her running away in tears.

"The Jake and Vienna breakup just exploded," Harrison recalled in a 2016 interview with ET.

"Some word got out that Jake had looked violent or made a fist, so we said, 'Well, now we have to air it, because everybody is going to talk about this and thinks we're hiding something,'" Harrison said. "It was very raw."

As Girardi recently shared with ET, she and Pavelka haven't spoken since -- but she has high hopes for fellow pilot Peter Weber on his journey to find love. "I think anything can be better than the first pilot," she shared.

Bachelorette: Justin "Rated R" Rego's Escape From Ali Fedotowsky (2010)

We can always count on a Bachelor villain for a memorable moment, but in this case, Bachelorette bad boy Rego backed down from a fight -- or rather, ran away from it.

On her 2010 season of The Bachelorette, Fedotowsky found out that Rego had a girlfriend back home. So, she confronted him about it, and instead of owning up to his behavior, he tried to run away from her. wearing a boot after breaking his leg.

In a 2016 interview with ET, Rego claimed that he knew Fedotowsky wasn't the girl for him days into filming -- but alleged that producers wouldn't let him leave.

"I actually wanted to go home [while we were shooting in] Iceland but the [producers] wouldn't let me," he claimed. "They wanted it to be done in Turkey. But I had a gut feeling it wasn't going to be that smooth, so I packed my passport and everything I needed to leave. You can see in the footage me grabbing a bag. I was going to leave my clothes and leave everything and say 'f**k you, guys.'"

Bachelorette: Kasey Kahl Gets Left on a Glacier (2010)

Fedotowsky's season offered no shortage of borderline comedic moments. In week five of the competition, Kasey Kahl decided to show the Bachelorette the "guard and protect your heart" tattoo he had gotten in her honor. He unveiled the ink on a two-on-one date on top of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland -- and you can guess how that went.

Fedotowsky decided her relationship with Kahl had run its course and left him there on that glacier. The volcano erupted just a few days later.

Bachelor: Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's Wedding (2014)

In 2014, we finally had Bachelor love to celebrate, as Lowe married his final pick, Catherine -- and still remains the only Bachelor to do so. The pair tied the knot in a televised wedding special which aired that January, including special Bachelor Nation cameos, and a questionable "honeymoon suite" camera after it had been revealed the couple was waiting to have sex with each other until marriage. The couple is still married, and about to welcome their third child together.

"They used to bring me on every season to give advice, and I don't think I have a great track record. So for what it's worth, I would just say, 'At the end of the season, if you are engaged to someone, you just have to put them first, because there will be a million distractions and it's easy to get caught up in it,'" Lowe told ET. "I'm not going to say I did it perfectly, because I did not. But you definitely have to commit to your new fiancee, and make them feel very special every chance you get, because it will be challenging.

Bachelor: Clare Crawley Telling Off Juan Pablo Galavis at Final Rose (2014)

Galavis' season of The Bachelor kicked off the same month -- but didn't provide that same happy ending. The Venezuelan soccer star was chosen as the lead after making it to just week six of Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette. He started off as fun and entertaining -- a single dad who seemed to really want to find a wife to complete his family. Then, as the season progressed, Galavis somehow ended up as his own season villain. He shamed finalist Clare Crawley for getting hot and heavy with him in the ocean, discredited Andi Dorfman's concerns about their relationship by saying "It's OK" (later inspiring her to write a tell-all book), and refused to propose to his final pick, Nikki Ferrell -- or even tell her he loved her.

There was controversy over homophobic comments he had made off-camera, but perhaps the most memorable moment of his season was when Crawley decided to tell him off in the finale. "He gave them a lot of reasons to [hate him]," Harrison told ET of the moment in 2016.

Bachelorette: Nick Viall Calling Out Andi Dorfman at Finale for Sleeping With Him (2014)

Dorfman ended up being cast as the next Bachelorette, and while she again ended up with her season villain, Josh Murray, it was her runner-up, Nick Viall, who made the biggest splash during After the Final Rose. Clearly still bitter, Viall called out Dorfman for what went down in the fantasy suite just days before she called off their relationship and got engaged to Murray.

"If you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why you made love to me," he said. Fans can read more about Dorfman's reaction to that moment in the former Bachelorette's book.

Bachelor: Kelsey Poe and Ashley Iaconetti's 2-on-1 With Chris Soules (2015)

"Two women, one rose, one stays, one goes," read the iconic two-on-one date cards on The Bachelor, and they truly are a treasure.

On Soules' 2015 season, it was Poe -- who had already gushed over her tragic story earlier in the season -- and Iaconetti on the fateful date. And it was awesome. Poe said crazy things, Iaconetti cried more tears than we thought was possible, and when Soules had had enough, he left Iaconetti stranded in the desert. And then he left Poe there too. A true masterpiece!

Bachelorette: Kaitlyn Bristowe's Sex Reveal (2015)

After things didn't work out with Dorfman, Viall tried his luck at finding love on TV again with Bristowe. The pair, who had spoken before her season kicked off, immediately clicked -- and she ended up sleeping with him before fantasy suites. What came next was truly unlike anything we had seen in the Bachelor franchise. Bristowe ended up telling the rest of the cast that she and Viall had gotten intimate, leading to major beef between him and another frontrunner, Shawn Booth -- who later won Bristowe's final rose after she brutally rejected Viall on her 2015 finale.

In a June interview with ET, Bristowe called the aftermath of her night with Viall "the worst." "I genuinely couldn't sleep. I would cry every night. I lost so much hair. I felt so defeated by everybody, but I was like, 'I wouldn't change a thing,'" she said. "Even if it didn't work, you just don't get to where you're supposed to be by trying to be somebody else. So, it's really hard."

Bachelor in Paradise: Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's Wedding (2016)

The next year, Bachelor in Paradise produced its first real marriage (remember that drama between Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd?). Roper and Tolbert's wedding aired in the January 2016 special The Bachelor: A Celebration of Love. Viall slept with one of Roper's bridesmaids, Liz Sandoz, at the big bash -- which made for plenty of awkwardness when she appeared as a contestant on his season. But as for Roper and Tolbert? The pair is still married with two children together.

Bachelor: Ben Higgins Telling Two Women He Loved Them (2016)

There's a reason the show's leads are encouraged not to say the L word before revealing their final pick, but Higgins learned that the hard way. During his 2016 season, he fell hard for his final two, JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell, and told both that he was in love with them. Only Fletcher (who had the second date before the finale) found out before his final rose that he had said "I love you" to Bushnell. The former flight attendant didn't know just how far things had gotten between Higgins and Fletcher until after accepting Higgins' proposal.

As they revealed afterward, the double L bomb caused tension in Higgins and Bushnell's relationship, and they ended their engagement a year and a half later.

Bachelorette: "Bad" Chad Johnson (2016)

Fletcher ended up being named the Bachelorette, and attention quickly went from her heartbreak to "Bad" Chad. Before hurling the F word at Harrison on Bachelor in Paradise, Johnson earned his nickname as the clear villain of Fletcher's season. He first fought with Evan Bass (and ripping his shirt) before threatening to de-limb the cast, arguing with Jordan Rodgers and storming off into the woods on his two-on-one date. It was truly something.

Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay's Historic Season (2017)

In February 2017, the Bachelor franchise named its first black Bachelorette: Lindsay.

“[Race] is something that should be talked about. I'm happy to address it,” Lindsay told ET ahead of her groundbreaking season, which included the franchise’s most diverse cast ever -- but didn’t shy away from showing racial tensions between the guys. “I'm honored to be the first [black Bachelorette]."

There was drama from the get-go, but it was nothing Lindsay couldn't handle. First, there was the DeMario Jackson of it all, with Lindsay meeting his girlfriend face to face during a group date. Who's this?

"Let me tell you something. I'm not here to be played, I'm not here to be made a joke of, which is what I feel like you're doing right now with me. So, I'm really going to need you to get the f**k out!" Lindsay told him in one of the most badass Bachelor moments ever.

Lindsay continued to get sh*t handled on her season, which many fans thought would see her end up with model-turned fitness guru Peter Kraus. Their emotional breakup, which had Lindsay crying her eyelashes off in the season finale, didn't end well. Kraus refused to propose, but told Lindsay that she was settling for a life of mediocrity without him -- leading to a super tense After the Final Rose.

Lindsay, then engaged to Bryan Abasolo, declared that finding love on TV “wasn’t for” Kraus, the then-Bachelor frontrunner. Lindsay also told ET that the Milwaukee native was “manipulative,” and was glad he didn’t become the Bachelor.

Bachelor in Paradise: Shutdown After DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios' Encounter (2017)

In June 2017, Bachelor Nation was rocked with scandal when production on season four of Bachelor in Paradise was shut down in Mexico, after a third party filed a complaint of possible sexual misconduct between cast members just days into filming.

The cast members were quickly revealed to be DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios -- the latter of who also reportedly had a boyfriend during BiP.

Despite what felt like an eternity of swirling rumors and a jaw-dropping statement by Olympios, who claimed to have no recollection of the alleged encounter, and called herself a “victim,” Warner Bros. concluded that no misconduct had occurred on set. Filming resumed just nine days later with new rules about alcohol consumption and sex between contestants -- but without Jackson or Olympios.

The pair didn’t communicate for months -- but when they did, they couldn’t have been more jovial, with Olympios telling ET that while she was initially “mad” at Jackson for speaking to the press about the scandal, they were “all good.”

Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Finale Switcheroo (2018)

When things didn't work out with Kraus, The Bachelor went with a throwback choice for its next lead -- Luyendyk Jr. The race car driver hadn't been on TV since Emily Maynard's 2012 season of The Bachelorette, and it showed. It was a snooze of a season, until we got to the finale, during which Luyendyk pulled a Mesnick.

Weeks after proposing to Becca Kufrin, Luyendyk realized he wanted to be with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham. The show aired his brutal, unedited breakup with Kufrin on the season finale, and soon after, he proposed to Burnham on After the Final Rose.

Bachelor: Colton Underwood's Fence Jump Into Quitting the Show (2019)

As Harrison told ET, Underwood's position as the first real virgin Bachelor was too good a story to pass up -- but the former football player gave production an even better storyline.

Underwood ended up quitting the show before his finale, when contestant Cassie Randolph broke up with him at final three. He hurled himself over a fence in heartbreak and hid from production, before rejoining the show hours later. He cut things off with the remaining women, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, and tried to get Randolph back she accepted, but noted she wasn't ready for a proposal.

Bachelorette: Hannah Brown's Windmill Reveal (2019)

If Underwood was TV gold ahead of his season, Brown was the definition of an unlikely choice. She finished seventh on Underwood's season, was a bit of a Bachelor villain, and couldn't deliver a good toast to save her life. (Don't worry, she redeemed herself.)

By night one, Brown had proved there was more to her than meets the eye. She fell fast for fellow Christian Luke Parker, but figured out after fantasy suites that their idea of how sexuality interacts with their faith didn't line up. When he said he wanted to leave the competition if she had been intimate with another contestant, she let him go. When he wouldn't leave, she dropped a bombshell. "I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me," she hissed. The sex Brown was referring to was four times in the windmill with future Bachelor Peter Weber -- and while it was enough to get Parker to leave, the drama didn't end there.

Brown soon after accepted a proposal from Jed Wyatt, who was then revealed to have a girlfriend back home. Brown confronted him and ended their engagement, becoming the first Bachelorette since 2005 to end her season single.

Bachelor in Paradise: Demi Burnett / Historic First Same-Sex Couple (2019)

While Brown's relationship drama was going down, Bachelor in Paradise had started filming, featuring its first-ever same-sex couple. Demi Burnett revealed she was queer on the show's season six premiere, and after failing to find love on the beach in Mexico, production brought in Burnett's female love interest from back home, Kristian Haggerty.

The pair ended up engaged in the finale, but broke things off in September. Burnett previously told ET that while her relationship with Haggerty was a Bachelor Nation first, she wasn't set on changing the franchise.

"I don't really wanna be the one to carry the torch for how Bachelor Nation should handle [queer relationships]," she shared.

"I felt rightfully in my place [as Queen of Paradise]. I had so much fun," Burnett said.

Bachelor in Paradise: All That Blake Drama (2019)

Season six of Bachelor in Paradise also found itself explaining the off-camera sex life of Blake Horstmann, who had romanced multiple women at Stagecoach, and tried to keep it a secret on the beach. Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Kristina Schulman, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin were just some of the women wrapped in Horstmann's tangled web, which only got more complicated when Miller-Keyes exposed him for sleeping with Schulman one night after her -- and said he tried to silence her.

In an effort to protect his reputation, Horstmann took things off-camera, and released his private texts with Miller-Keyes, including messages where she appeared to be OK with the casual sex they were engaging in. She was humiliated, and while Horstmann deleted the screenshots, he refused to apologize. And he plans to go back to Stagecoach next year.

Looking forward to 2020 -- and the Bachelor Nation drama that comes with it.

I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love

As a contestant on Season 15 of “The Bachelor” and the lead on “The Bachelorette” Season 8, Emily Maynard Johnson took home the final rose during her stint on “The Bachelor” and became engaged to the winning contestant on “The Bachelorette.” But, she writers, “neither of the relationships from those shows lasted much longer than a commercial break.” Instead, Maynard Johnson ended up finding love off-screen. In her detailed tell-all, she explains how she was able to overcome public embarrassment following her two failed attempts at love on the shows and find true happiness in real life.

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ABC Can Legally Manipulate Everything

A 2017 "Bachelor in Paradise" contract that was obtained by CNNMoney says that contestants give ABC the right to “change, add to, take from, edit, translate, reformat or reprocess … in any manner Producer may determine in its sole discretion.” Essentially, this means that ABC can manipulate facts and quotes and not worry about contestants suing for it.

One such twisting of facts was done in an episode that showed contestant Clare Crawley talking to a raccoon on "Bachelor in Paradise". In reality, Crawley was talking to one of the producers, but the show was interested in portraying her has somewhat crazy. Believe nothing, kids.

35 Juiciest ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ Moments of All Time (Photos)

Let’s take a look back at the 35 most dramatic instances of the past 19 years of “The Bachelor,” in order from oldest to newest. From Colton Underwood jumping the fence to Peter Weber’s mom Barb dissing Madison on “After the Final Rose,” here are some of the juiciest “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” moments in history.

Jesse Palmer Forgets Karen Lindsay’s Name

Former NFL player Jesse Palmer accidentally called the wrong name during Season 5 in 2004. In a hilariously panicked moment, he pulled Chris Harrison aside to tell him that he had forgotten Karen’s name and had called Katie [Gehart] instead. “I froze and forgot,” he told a bemused Harrison. “We gotta do that again.” Katie got to stay another week for her troubles.

Trista Rehn Reveals Some Intimate Details

The first-ever Bachelorette, Trista Rehn, now Trista Sutter, revealed that she’d “never had an orgasm during real intercourse” in the fantasy suite.

Brad Womack Walks Away Empty-Handed

The first time he was the Bachelor on Season 11, Womack famously decided that neither of his final two women were right for him in the end. In an unprecedented moment in “Bachelor” franchise history, no winner was chosen. But Womack would get another chance in 2011 for Season 15.

Jason Mesnick Pulls a Switcheroo

Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick initially chose Melissa Rycroft, but on “After the Rose,” he decided that he just couldn’t forget about Molly Malaney, who remains his wife to this day. He broke up with Melissa right there on TV, and she was not amused.

Rozlyn Papa Is Accused of Having an Affair With a Staffer

On Jake Pavelka’s Season 14, Rozlyn Papa was accused of having an affair with someone who works on the show. Chris Harrison had to awkwardly ask her to pack her bags and leave.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Go Off On Each Other

After breaking off their engagement, Jake accused Vienna of selling him out to the tabloids. Vienna called Jake a “fame whore” and accused him of being emotionally abusive in their relationship. Chris Harrison, as always, bared witness to it all.

Brad Womack Ends Engagement to Emily Maynard

Womack got a second chance to be the Bachelor on Season 15, which ended in him choosing Emily Maynard. But soon after, the couple called it quits and ended their engagement. Maynard went on to become the next Bachelorette.

Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik Go Skinny Dipping

On Season 16, Courtney surprised Ben with a proposition to take advantage of their time in Puerto Rico and go skinny dipping. He said “Why not,” and he ended up choosing her as his final pick. But they broke off their engagement a few months later, and she released a book called “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.”

Lindsay Yenter Takes Off Her Heels

Yenter made it to the final two on Sean Lowe’s Season 17, but she got sent home after making it to the final two. In a snap decision that many Bachelor fans found relatable, Yenter famously took off her Badgley Mischka heels and walked back to the car barefoot. Lowe ended up marrying Catherine Giudici, and the pair just welcome their third child in Dec. 2019.

Brooks Forester Tells Desiree Hartsock He Doesn’t Love Her

In a strange turn of events, a contestant dumped the Bachelorette instead of the other way around. Brooks Forester told Desiree Hartsock that he just wasn’t feeling it shortly before she had planned to tell him she loved him on Season 9. She went on to marry Chris Seigfried.

Andi Dorfman Calls Juan Pablo an A-Hole

“There’s a difference between being honest and being an a–hole,” the Season 10 Bachelorette told this future Bachelor, who wouldn’t stop saying “It’s okay” in very serious situations. Newsflash, Juan Pablo — it’s NOT okay.

Nick Viall Gets Rejected a Second Time

Though Viall would go on to have his own season of “The Bachelor,” but to get there, he had to go through two seasons of coming in first runner-up on “The Bachelorette.” First he got rejected by Andi Dorfman on Season 10, and then Kaitlyn Bristowe on Season 11. We’re sorry to report that things didn’t last with Vanessa Grimaldi, his pick from Season 21 of “The Bachelor,” either.

Corinne Reveals She Has a Nanny

Corinne Olympios, a contestant on Nick Viall’s Season 21, famously revealed that she has a nanny who makes her bed, washes her clothes, and makes her cheese pasta.

Arie Luyendyk Ends His Engagement With Becca Kufrin

Season 22 Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. chose Becca K. as his bride-to-be in his season finale, but just weeks later, he realized he’d made the wrong choice. He broke up with Becca in a tear-filled special that was all caught on camera by ABC. Arie went on to marry his first runner-up, Lauren Burnham, with whom he now has a daughter. Watch their dramatic wedding video here. Becca ended up going on to become the Season 14 Bachelorette.

All the Things Chad Johnson Did

From punching a door to ripping another contestant’s shirt to aggressively eating a sweet potato, Chad was drama from start to finish on JoJo Fletcher’s 12th season of “The Bachelorette.”

Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus Breakup

In a particularly heartbreaking moment to watch, Season 13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay broke up with Peter Kraus because he said he wasn’t ready to propose to her the next day. She went on to marry Bryan Abasolo.

Colton Underwood Jumps the Fence

After Cassie Randolph leaves, Season 23 Bachelor Colton Underwood rips off his mic and jumps a fence out of frustration, fleeing Chris Harrison and the producers as they call his name. He later breaks up with the other two remaining contestants, Tayshia and Hannah, and gets Cassie back. After dating for a few years, the couple broke up, and Randolph has since filed a restraining order against Underwood.

Hannah Brown Tells Off Luke Parker

Though this would not be the last we saw of Luke P. on Hannah B.’s Season 15, this was the defining moment between Alabama Hannah and the 5’8” villain. After he tells her that he would leave if he learned that she’d slept with any of the other contestants, Hannah tells him, “I have had sex. And Jesus still loves me.”

Hannah Brown Ends Engagement With Jed Wyatt

In a shocking turn of events, after wrapping production on her season of “The Bachelorette” with a proposal from Jed Wyatt, a People Magazine story reveals that he had a secret girlfriend who he had promised to come back to after the show. Hannah confronted Jed, who had little justification, and she ended their engagement.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Come Clean About the Windmill

During her “After the Rose,” Hannah sat down with her third runner-up, Peter Weber, and revealed to all — including Peter’s mom and dad — that they didn’t just have sex twice in that famous windmill… it was actually four times.

Hannah Brown Returns

After she smashed Peter Weber’s heart into a million little pieces, Brown crashed the Bachelor mansion at the start of her old flame’s Season 24 and very nearly re-joined the house before thinking better of it.


Hannah Ann Sluss opened a bottle of champagne that Kelsey Weier was saving for a special moment with Peter on Season 24. It blew up into a “finasco” that few will soon forget. Luckily, Kelsey got herself a new bottle and some alone time with Pete after all… except that it exploded in her face. Peter was very confused as to what was going on the entire time, as usual.

Alayah Gets Sent Home… Again

It’s been nearly a year, but our heads have barely stopped spinning from all of this Alayah drama from Season 24 of “The Bachelor.” First, she was accused of being fake for the camera. Then, after much pot-stirring by all involved, she was sent home, only to later show up uninvited to a group date to settle the score. Peter, ever the marshmallow in the face of a crying woman, brings her back. But the other women of the house weren’t having it, so, he sent Alayah home once again — for good.

Tammy Yells at People

Another Season 34 villain, Tammy, seemed to just live to make other girls cry. First, she came for Kelsey, then she came for Sydney, and then she came for poor Mykenna. Finally, in a rare moment of deciding NOT to reward drama for once, Peter sent Tammy home.

Hannah Ann Tells Off Peter, Her New Ex-Fiance

Though they left Australia a happily engaged couple, Peter broke off their engagement a month after filming ended for Season 24. Hannah Ann, who had been a soft-spoken southern bell for the majority of the season, gave him a piece of her mind in footage aired on “After the Final Rose” — “You betrayed me, and you know it.”

Barb Gives Madison a Piece of Her Mind

Peter’s mother, Barb, knew that he and Madison were doomed from the start. When the pair declared they intended to continue dating on “After the Final Rose,” Barb told them to their faces: “Everyone that knows him knows it’s not gonna work.” Well, she was right — the pair broke up the next day. Peter is currently dating former contestant Kelley Flanagan.

Yosef Tears Into ‘Oldest Bachelorette’ Clare

Clare Crawley’s stint as the Bachelorette didn’t last long, but it managed to pack some drama. Exhibit A: Yosef, who tore into Clare after he found out about a group date that involved the guys playing strip dodgeball. “[I] believe that you’re not fit to be a mother to my child,” he shouted at her. “You’re completely classless, Clare. I expected way more from the oldest Bachelorette in history.” With that, he headed out of La Quinta, but not before Clare could respond: “To sit there and say, ‘You’re the oldest Bachelorette!’ Guess what? I’m the oldest Bachelorette that’s standing here that’s single because I didn’t settle for MEN LIKE THAT.” Unsurprisingly, Dale swooped in to comfort Clare, which leads us to…

Clare Chooses Dale and Ends Her Season Early

Clare’s “Bachelorette” season was always going to be different, considering filming got pushed back because of COVID delays and the action was confined to just one place: La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, Calif. But even by “Bachelor” standards, this one was wild. After just four episodes, Clare decided Dale Moss was her man, the two got engaged, and that was that. The woman just knew what she wanted.

Tayshia Rolls In for a Mid-Season Switch

Clare may have found her happy ending with Dale, but she also left a lot of poor guys hanging in the process. Enter Tayshia, a fan-favorite from “Bachelor in Paradise” and Colton’s season of “The Bachelorette,” who rose like a gorgeous, bikini-clad phoenix out of the La Quinta swimming pool to shoot her shot as the Bachelorette.

Ben Shows Up After Getting Eliminated

Tayshia eliminated California trainer Ben after Hometowns, mostly because he couldn’t bring himself to say those three little words. But after Brendan sent himself home, Ben returned to La Quinta and managed to tell Tayshia he loved her. Unfortunately for Ben, it was all for naught, because Tayshia ended up blissfully engaged to Zac.

Sarah Blindsides Matt by Sending Herself Home

Turns out, the time Sarah Trott fainted during a rose ceremony wasn’t her most memorable moment on the show. The early frontrunner of Matt James’ season shockingly chose to send herself home during week three, partially because she was being bullied by other contestants, but mostly because her dad was ill with ALS and she wanted to return home to her family. A mature decision, but one that ultimately blindsided Matt.

Anna Accuses Brittany of Being an Escort

Almost a month into Matt’s season, producers diabolically chose to bring in five new women — which definitely didn’t go over well. Anna was part of the “mean girl” clique who relentlessly bullied the new women, even going so far as to accuse Brittany of being an escort. She later apologized on the “Women Tell All” special.

Pretty Much Everything “Queen Victoria” Did

Victoria Larson was inarguably the villain of Matt’s season, a title she seemed to assume with absolute glee. She picked fights, called women names, quite literally stole the crown off another contestant’s head and was unapologetic about it all.

Matt Chooses Rachael — While Viewers Grapple With Her Past Racist Actions

As viewers watched Rachael Kirkconnell steal Matt’s heart on screen, the Georgia native’s past offscreen behavior came to light. Photos of Rachael at an Old South plantation-themed party in 2018 began circulating, and internet sleuths also found posts she had “liked” with Confederate flags in them. She later apologized, but things got even worse when Chris Harrison ignorantly defended Rachael’s actions and subsequently stepped down as host of “The Bachelor.”

Matt and Rachael Awkwardly Reunite at “After the Final Rose”

By the time Matt’s season finale aired, he and Rachael had already broken up because of the controversy surrounding her past racist actions. That made an uncomfortable reunion at “ATFR,” during which Matt somberly told his ex, “When I questioned our relationship, it was in the context of you not fully understanding my Blackness and what it means to be a Black man in America. It broke my heart because this is the last conversation I thought we’d be having. I didn’t sign up to have this conversation.”

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‘Food That Built America’ Showrunner on How Series Is Like ‘Drunk History’ – and How It’s Not

“The Food That Built America” has helped build out History channel’s latest franchise, one delicious junk food at a time. Beyond the show’s endearing delivery system for historical facts, the reenactment, it’s not difficult to see why viewers are falling for the most delectable “That Built America” series to-date. “There’s this built-in nostalgia for these products. There are great stories, but the stories matter to you more because the products are so familiar and most people have some kind of an emotional bond with at least some of them,” showrunner Yoshi Stone told TheWrap. “And I think that creates a uniquely easy entry point.” To this writer, “The Food That Built America” is like a sober version of Derek Waters’ excellent, long-running Comedy Central series “Drunk History,” which ended in 2019 after COVID killed the planned seventh and final season. We proposed that theory to Stone, who seemed more flattered than not with the comparison. “The thing that ‘Drunk History’ and ‘Food That Built’ have in common is that there’s sort of a unique angle. The great thing about a docudrama is that you’re not just presenting facts in a vacuum you’re getting personal perspectives from the people behind these brands,” Stone said. “You know, you’re not just presented with, you know, ‘in this year, this thing happened.’ You’re sort of seeing the perspective of an individual going through the trials and tribulations that it takes to create the thing that you love.” “So it’s not like ‘Drunk History,’ but it is alike in some ways, in that it has that element that makes it fun,” he continued. “I mean, the thing that I like about the show is that not only is it surprising and informative, but I think that when it’s really hitting on all cylinders, it’s also just kind of charming. I think that’s one of the things that really makes it go.” “It’s not like if the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup had not been invented, America would have collapsed and society as we know it,” Stone added. (It was here we informed Stone he is dead wrong about that.) “Halloween would suck, I know that. But to give those stories stakes and to have them resonate with us personally, because we love those candies, allows us to then take those personal experiences of the people behind the brands and really enjoy them,” he said. “When the show works, that’s sort of alchemy that goes into it.” While factual series “The Food That Built America” does not take nearly as many creative liberties as comedy series “Drunk History” did, Stone acknowledged that there is a “sliding scale” in the writers room based on available information. “There are some stories that have a ton of information that are part of the historical record. And then there are others where there’s substantially less,” Stone said. “In those cases, we need to dig harder and go deeper in order to create a version of events that we feel confident in. Because it is on History Channel and it is a documentary and we want to be factually accurate.” A good example comes from the hamburger episode, in which 19-year-old secretary Esther Glickstein (played by Joanne Wilson) suggests the name “Big Mac” from the corner of a meeting with Ray Kroc (Dan Eberle, pictured above) and other McDonald’s big wigs. Kroc originally planned to call the mega-burger “The Aristocrat.” “Were those people in that room in that way? Probably not,” Stone asked and answered. “But it’s a way that we can portray it that is fun and dramatic, but still skews close enough to factual accuracy for us to be comfortable.” Close enough, plenty entertaining and yummy grub. What more could you want from a docuseries? “The Food That Built America” returns Monday at 8/7c on History channel. Read original story ‘Food That Built America’ Showrunner on How Series Is Like ‘Drunk History’ – and How It’s Not At TheWrap

‘SpongeBob’ Spinoff Series ‘The Patrick Star Show’ Gets Zany Sneak Peek (Video)

Patrick Star is ready to be the star of his own show. On Monday, Nickelodeon released the first sneak peek of “The Patrick Star Show,” the upcoming spinoff series featuring the beloved “SpongeBob SquarePants” sidekick. The teaser features Bill Fagerbakke returning to voice the pink protagonist as he stars in his own imaginary variety show and finds his “true porpoise.” Of course, Patrick’s best buddy SpongeBob makes an appearance in the teaser, and we even get the first glimpse of the sea star’s little sis, Squidina. Produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio, the 13-episode series follows Patrick and the rest of his family as they are constantly disrupted by Patrick’s wild whims and surreal imagination. The series will debut this July on Nickelodeon. Per its official description, “The Patrick Star Show” follows a younger Patrick Star living at home with his family, where he hosts his own show for the neighborhood from his television-turned-bedroom. His little sister, Squidina, works behind the scenes to make sure Patrick’s show is always running smoothly, while his parents, Bunny and Cecil and his grandpa, GrandPat, each support Patrick in their own hilariously absurd ways. The Star family’s unpredictable adventures often inform, integrate, and sometimes even interfere with Patrick’s TV show, but one thing is for sure: his bizarre life always makes for great television! “The Patrick Star Show” is the second “SpongeBob” spinoff series to get the green light, following “Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years,” which premiered on Paramount+ in March. Along with Fagerbakke as young adult Patrick, the voice cast for “The Patrick Star Show” includes Tom Wilson as Cecil Star, Patrick’s “fun-loving, happy-go-lucky dad who always puts his family first” Cree Summer as Bunny Star, Patrick’s “loving, sea star mom who is a kooky oddball” Jilly Talley as Squidina Star, Patrick’s younger sister “who sees herself as Patrick’s executive producer for his imaginary TV show” and Dana Snyder as GrandPat Star, Patrick’s “genius grandpat, the most intelligent member of the Star family.” Summer also lends her voice to Grandma Tentacles, Squidward’s grandmother. Other familiar voices from Bikini Bottom include Tom Kenny as SpongeBob, Rodger Bumpass as Squidward, Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy, Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs and Mr. Lawrence as Plankton. Check out the new teaser here and up top. Read original story ‘SpongeBob’ Spinoff Series ‘The Patrick Star Show’ Gets Zany Sneak Peek (Video) At TheWrap

AAPI Heritage Month: How Sophia Chang Is Using Her Artistic Skillset to Create Change for Marginalized Groups

"Start with where your passions lie and then find those opportunities from there. What speaks true to your heart? That's that's the best way to support any cause," Chang told FN.

Chris Harrison Jokes the Biggest Bachelor Production Expenses Are Condoms and STD Testing

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown may have discovered a condom in contestant Peter Weber’s car during hometown dates, but he likely didn’t need to supply his own when it came to their night together in the windmill.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison stopped by Lights Out with David Spade, and joked that the reality show’s biggest costs were providing contestants with protection and preliminary sexually transmitted disease testing.

“[Condoms] and the STD test – easily the biggest expense,” said Harrison, 48. �sily the biggest expense.”

The revelation came in response to The Big Bang Theory actress and fellow guest Kaley Cuoco, who asked the host about the show’s condom budget.

Of course, Brown sent Weber and Tyler Cameron packing, accepting a proposal from winner Jed Wyatt, who she soon dumped for having a girlfriend when he went on the reality show.

The distribution of condoms in the fantasy suites has long been a topic of discussion, especially since Courtney Robertson, who got engaged to Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor in 2012, claimed production did not give her and Flajnik any during their night together.

“Producers had left a cell phone for us in case of emergency, but they did not leave us any condoms,” she wrote in her 2014 book I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends.

Other contestants have disagreed, with former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky saying she believed the male contestants got them.

“I don’t know because I don’t think I remember, honestly,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2017. “I think that maybe they give them to the guys or something, which is crazy, they should give to the girls, too. But I think they just [give them to the guys] to make it not awkward.”

RELATED VIDEO: Hannah Brown Reveals Her Pick for the Next Bachelor: ‘I Want Them to Have Happiness’

The 2018 book Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure, written by Amy Kaufman, also addressed the issue, though Kaufman wrote that producers left contestants rose petals, a handheld camera and 𠇋owls of condoms everywhere.”

“It was like, ‘Oh, OK, so we can be safe if we want to be,” said Jen Schefft, who was the Bachelorette in 2005. 𠇋ut honestly? We don’t need a bowlful.”

Bachelor Nation also claimed that applicants who test positive for an STD are immediately taken out of the running. The book alleged that failed STD tests are the most common reason potential contestants get the boot.

𠇊s soon as the medical tests came back, you𠆝 see that herpes was the biggest thing,” said Ben Hatta, [creator and executive producer] Mike Fleiss’s old assistant. 𠇊nd sometimes you𠆝 be the first person to tell a contestant that they had herpes. You𠆝 be like, ‘Uh, you should call your doctor.’ Why? ‘We’re not going to be able to have you on our show, but you should call your doctor.’ Then they𠆝 realize they𠆝 been denied from ‘The Bachelor’ and now a bunch of people knew they had herpes.”

Sex on the show became a hot topic on Brown’s season,after she admitted to having sex in a windmill four times with Weber during their fantasy suite date.

Order in 'Bachelor' Court! Courtney Pleads Guilty

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison questioned key witnesses in the case of The People vs. Courtney Robertson during the Women Tell All episode on Monday night.

When America's Most Wanted reality star took the stand, she apologetically expressed "regrets…for the way I acted, how I treated the women." Guilty as charged for stealing Ben Flajnik's heart and integrity, she said tearfully, "I don't like being torn apart by family and friends, in the tabloids. I'm sorry for hurting Ben. I cared for him and still do."

Courtney pointedly confronted her hung jury of fellow bachelorettes, individually addressing a few of the women she insulted the most. Some called a truce, but Jennifer accessed the words as Courtney's effort "to repair her image”"and Nicki didn't "buy it for a second." Emily O'Brien spoke about the irony of Courtney seeking forgiveness after denying her that same courtesy during an earlier episode. Courtney wished "I would have handled that situation differently." Emily said harshly, "Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don't think so."

Before Courtney secretly emerged from her sequestered quarters, the women had no issue with speaking about her behind her back. "I wouldn't have wanted to wind up with somebody who fell for what Courtney was putting forward," Emily said. She accused Ben of "just thinking about sex, not thinking about a relationship" during his skinny-dipping escapade. Chris jokingly responded, "You've figured out men! Goodnight everybody. The secret's out."

Monica Spannbauer accused her of "meaning to be mean," while Samantha Levey alleged "she was in it to win it." An outraged Blakeley said, "The difference is I am real. She's not. [If I said something mean] I tell people I messed up. I'm sorry…. I never said a nasty word about her." Kacie B. detected a "split personality" in Courtney and Nicki spotted a "twisted sense of humor." Self-proclaimed "antagonist" Emily noted, "how polar opposite the dimensions of her personalities are." Courtney's sole ally, Casey S. said, "The girl I know has consistently been an incredible, sweet, sincere friend to me."

After taking a few months to recover from her "shocking" heartbreak, Nicki is finally feeling like herself again. "I went into that rose ceremony thinking if he really wants a chance at happiness and true, honest, open love, it's with me." The divorcee realized she was head over heels for Ben in Belize when she could utter the words "falling in love."

Dumped twice, Kacie B. defended her decision to make one last plea by travelling to Switzerland. "It seemed like he was on the path to [make the wrong decision]. At that point I had nothing to lose." She had a "slight hope" Ben would reverse his previous action and decide to take her back. Due to the disparity of "our core values and our families," Kacie B. realized that "he couldn't see himself at Christmas at my house."

Another repeat offender, Shawntel Newton, was up for double jeopardy, once again facing the women who treated her cruelly during her first unwelcome visit. Things went slightly better this go-around.

It was then time for Ben to live his "nightmare" of confronting a room full of ex-girlfriends. Explaining why he released Jennifer, he said, "I think you were two or three steps ahead of me" in the relationship. In regards to Emily's elimination, he recalled, "Unfortunately there were other things we got caught up in."

Nicki loyally said, "I will back that you're the best man I ever met in my life. I stand behind what I told you the night I went home. I want you to be happy." Ben responded, "I had such good feelings for you from the start. You're clearly an incredible woman and nurturing." He sheepishly told Casey S. he "could have been more of a gentleman" when she was eliminated by default due to a jealous ex-boyfriend.

The award for punch line of the night undisputedly goes to Brittney Schreiner, who called Samantha "the Chihuahua in the house" for questioning her true motive for turning down a one-on-one date and leaving the competition.

Conspiracy theories are aplenty on the result of The Bachelor, but the gavel won't declare it "case closed" until next Monday when Ben may propose to Courtney or Lindzi on the season finale.

Watch the video: Το μήνυμα της πρώην παίκτριας του Bachelor στο Instagram (June 2022).


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