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Albiniza to Michelle

Albiniza to Michelle

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Put honey, sugar, butter, whole eggs, milk and baking soda in a pot. Beat with a whisk, over low heat, until the composition starts to boil and swell like foam, doubling its volume. Remove from the heat, add the flour and mix well. Allow to cool so that you can work by hand. Spread on the back of the pan and bake. I got 5 sheets.

Cream: In a pot put the milk, semolina, grated peel of a lemon, mix everything until it thickens. After the cream cools down a bit, put the butter, vanilla sugar and lemon juice.

assembling: a sheet, a layer of jam, a layer of cream, sheet..and so on until we finish the sheets and cream ...... the last sheet should remain on top.

What former First Lady Michelle Obama is doing on TV

Netflix announces what former First Lady Michelle Obama is doing on TV. She and her husband have produced a documentary and are preparing another. But now Michelle Obama has signed another contract.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will star in a Netflix show that aims to teach children the joy of cooking at home. The purpose of the show is to make the little ones give up semi-prepared meals. And last but not least, learn to eat healthy, according to

Michelle Obama: It's up to everyone to help eliminate racism

Published: Monday, June 1, 2020, 5:20 p.m.

Michelle Obama has expressed grief over Floyd's recent assassination. As well as other men and women of color in recent weeks, in a post on Instagram on Friday.

Michelle Obama posted a message

"Like many of you, I miss these recent tragedies," she wrote. "And I'm exhausted and with a broken heart that never seems to stop."

Obama went on to mention Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, as well as Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Michael Brown.

& # 8222Continuous and continuous. Race and racism are a reality that many of us grow up learning to deal with alone. But if we hope to get over it, it can't just be about people of color to cope & # 8222, she wrote. "It's up to all of us black, white, all of us."

She continued: & # 8222 Start with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from ours. It ends with justice, compassion and empathy manifesting in our lives and on our streets. & # 8221

Obama concluded on an optimistic note, saying that he prays for everyone to have power in this journey, but also for those whose lives have been taken.

Her statements came at a time when her husband, former President Barack Obama, shared similar sentiments on Twitter.

"It can't be 'normal,'" the former president wrote, referring to racism in the United States.

The statements were made to draw attention to racism

The former US president said people need to be better. Both statements come against the backdrop of sometimes violent protests in the United States. While people cry and express their anger at Floyd's death. The 46-year-old man died on Monday, after being fixed on the ground. Handcuffed and unarmed by a police officer who put his knee on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes as he shouted, "I can't breathe."

Floyd's death has drawn attention to those who claim that there is a disturbing tendency of the police to use lethal force against people of color. The Minneapolis protests drew comparisons to the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri. After the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer.

Michelle Obama, tender gestures in public with Bush. What the former president said

The photo that shocked the American people

In an interview with CBS, former President George W. Bush was surprised by the reaction of the Americans to his friendship with Michelle. "I was shocked," said the 43rd president about the public's reaction to his relationship with Michelle. "We got in the car and I think Barbara or Jenna said, 'Hey, you're trending! "The American people were so surprised that Michelle Obama and I could be friends," Bush said.

Over the years, Michelle also talked about her close connection with Bush, mentioning that they have the same values, which united them. "Our values ​​are the same," Michelle added of herself and Bush. & # 8222 We do not agree with politics, but we agree with humanity, we agree with love and compassion. I think it 's true for all of us & # 8211 we just get lost in our fear of what is different, ”Michelle concluded at one point.

Filling (assembling) Albinita cake (Dulcineea)

I divided the semolina cream with butter in 2. I also opened a jar with raspberry jam, own production (recipe here). I chose raspberries because it has a great aroma and is also slightly sour. You can use apricot jam, rosehip or which you will like.

I put aside the most beautiful sheet & # 8211 it will be the cover. I filled the rest of the sheets as follows: sheet 1 + semolina cream + sheet 2 + jam layer + sheet 3 + semolina cream + sheet 4 (lid).

I pressed lightly with my palm to place the sheets well and I placed a weight on the cake (a clean baking paper over which I put a tray with 2 cards placed next to each other). I left the cake in the pantry until the next day. Then I lifted the weight off it and left the Albinita cake to simmer for another 24 hours (about 2 days it's good to stay, even 3).

Actress Michelle Williams became a mother for the second time

Earlier this year, People magazine revealed that actress Michelle Williams, 39, was engaged to director Thomas Kail (42), but also that the couple will have their first child together. The two secretly got married in March, and are now enjoying their first child.

In fact, for Michelle, this is her second child, the daughter she has from her marriage to the late Heath Ledger, Matilda, is 14 years old. For director Thomas Kail, this is the first child.

Michelle Williams and Thomas Kail have known each other since the actress filmed for Fosse / Verdon. The show is directed by Thomas himself. Following her appearance in the film, Michelle also won an Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Television Movie.

After the death of her first husband, actor Heath Ledger, Michella Williams said in an interview with Vanity Fair that she did not lose hope that she would find love again, although she had this dramatic event in her life. They. "When you are a single mother, and the pillar of the family and that sense of security are missing, it is scary. I never gave up on love. I always tell Matilda: "Your father loved me before anyone thought I was talented, beautiful, or that I had nice clothes."

Holidays with. see!

Today's topic makes me think of US college admissions essays & # 8211 & # 8220what personality would you like to meet and why? or what would be the top x questions you would like to ask her? & # 8221.

Because I am a dreamer, the personality I would like to step on my doorstep this Easter is (drum rolls) & # 8230 Michelle Obama!

Why her?

I read her book and I really liked it. That's right, it's not a work of art, but it has that I don't know what for which you want to know more about the former First Lady of the United States. With each page, we discovered Michelle & # 8211 the girl, Michelle & # 8211 the teenager and Michelle & # 8211 the adult woman, in all cases being the same free and ambitious spirit that we recognize on TV.

So, my dream is for Michelle Obama to be my guest at the Easter table this year!

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