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Qantas' New Massive Los Angeles Business Lounge On Track to Accommodate 600 Flyers

Qantas' New Massive Los Angeles Business Lounge On Track to Accommodate 600 Flyers

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Along with joint owners and oneworld partners Cathay Pacific and British Airways, Qantas unveiled last week their new contemporary Los Angeles Business Lounge at the Los Angeles International Airport. The design (and culinary offerings) draws inspiration from California's laid back lifestyle and brings in elements from each airline, complete with a communal fireplace for socializing and a glass atrium at the center.

“The multi-million dollar lounge offers a new standard of luxury for oneworld customers traveling from Los Angeles,” says Qantas Senior Executive Vice President The Americas and Pacific, Vanessa Hudson. "We have invested heavily in the U.S. in recent years and the new Los Angeles Business Lounge delivers on our promise to keep evolving our product to ensure we provide the best travel experience possible on the ground and in the air."

Included in the lounge is a dining area that offers guests a Qantas Chef Neil Perry-designed menu inspired by the many cultures thriving in California (including Mexican, Korean, Chinese, and Italian). Also featured are Californian food carts that bring a pop-up dining feel to the airport lounge, serving everything from crumbed cod tacos to Asian-spiced chicken wings.

A cocktail bar serves high-end wines and signature mixed drinks, while barista service is there to get you fully caffeinated for your long flight. There is also an "enhanced buffet, faster WiFi, new workstations and nine shower suites with Aurora Spa amenities."

By the time the lounge is completed fully in early 2015, it will be able to seat 600 customers - today it can accommodate 400. Additionally, there will be seven extra shower suites brought in, a Family Zone, and a dedicated dining area.

“Cathay Pacific travelers are accustomed to a premium lounge experience due to our renowned airport lounges in Hong Kong and around the world, and the new Los Angeles business lounge certainly delivers on this expectation," says Tom Owen, Senior Vice President, Americas for Cathay Pacific. “Our major investment in the Los Angeles business lounge is a reflection of the importance of this market to us and we are pleased to join with fellow oneworld carriers Qantas and British Airways in welcoming our customers inside.”