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Orange tagliatelle

Orange tagliatelle

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Recipe Orange Tagliatelle di of 13-02-2019

The orange tagliatelle they are an original and easy to make first course, with an aromatic and intense taste but at the same time surprisingly delicate. I have seen several different versions around: there are those who add cream, some egg yolks ... I preferred to keep it simple and reduce the ingredients to a minimum, so as not to cover the aroma of the orange. If you want to amaze your guests by bringing lots of flavor and color to the table in a very short time, this is the recipe for you!


How to make orange tagliatelle

Wash the oranges. Peel 2 of them when alive, that is, eliminating the peel and white part, leaving only the pulp. Do not remove the peels, set them aside.

From the third orange, make the juice with a juicer.
Cut the peeled pulp into pieces, removing the seeds if necessary, put them in a pan with oil and butter and blend with the orange juice, cooking until the pulp begins to fall apart.

Put the peel of the oranges to infuse in the water you will use to cook the pasta: once it boils, remove the peels and drop the noodles.
Drain the pasta al dente, then stir it in the sauce together with the Parmesan.

Your orange tagliatelle are ready: decorate with pink peppercorns and serve.

Serve with pink pepper


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